Dear Great Periwinkle on this 10th day of August, 2012, we ask that you purvey your most precious blessings on all present.  Proceed with us through these most pulchritudinous few periods, as we prepare ourselves to preserve and protect the periwinkle.  Please procure ample sustenance to perpetuate our perambulation throughout these peaceful days, and propagate prolific blessings on those who prepare and provide it.  Protect us all with pristine piousness and provide plenty of photonic rays to warm us. Should any person become to pickled to party, provide them with a pleasurable place to placate their pounding head, and return them to us promptly.  For all the people present, and for the perpetuation of the periwinkle, we ask your most powerful blessing.. AMEN!


I now proclaim the 2nd annual program for the Periwinkle Preservation and Conservation Society open!!  May God have mercy on our souls.