The word is out…this years founders meeting was unbelievable.  Our plan was originally set with our normal turn out of 40 to 50 people (by special invitation only) for this years PPCS founders/members planning meeting.  But magic happened…..

The PPCS culture has grown so deep our members every year feel the need to be involved with one purpose…to SAVE THE PERIWINKLE! This year the word got out about our new sponsor “Snow Peak Brewery” and we had to find a new location that could handle 3 times the attendance. Luckily, at the last minute we found a space for 300, just enough…Thank you Snow Peak Brewery and the PPCS conservatory out of Salem. As we have continued to prove over the many years, together we can SAVE THE PERIWINKLE!

In a world that often seems so divisive now more than ever before, it is heart warming to see so many individuals from different backgrounds, beliefs, culture and gender come together to work side by side to focus on this important endeavor.  This 3 day event has continually grown and we have been so fortunate that so many are willing to give of their precious time for this important cause.  Not only have they given up their time but for three days that set aside their worldly concerns to focus on the salvation of this tiny creature that means so much to our eco-system.

Our future is bright.  One day we hope to once again try to go international as our first attempt was met with much protest, leaving many of us worried about the safety of not only this tiny creature but all that are involved in this cause.  Although our thoughts are always focused on the preservation and conservation of the periwinkle, we will never put our members at risk.  Praise be all!!