Although the 2014 founders meeting was deemed a huge success there were a number of distractions. One of the founders was called away to an urgent meeting involving the nearly extinct southern toad and the Sargent of Arms did not attend. It was noted in the meetings official notes, that Nick Keene (Mr. Sargent of Arms) was born on this day some 30 years ago and found age had been hard on his bowels and was not able to attend.

Topics discussed at the annual meeting included menu and venue.  The menu and venue seem to be a success so no changes will be made.  Challenging activities that last 60 seconds or less, encouraging the sophistication of members, was a lively topic with many suggestions put on the table.  We will revisit at next gathering as it became clear a subcommittee may need to be formed to take on this very popular event.

The highlight of the evening was provided by James P Flack.  As tearful goodbyes were shared, James seemed to lapse back to a moment of his past when toad licking was part of his culture.  Co-founder, Ms. Phelps stated, “It was odd being the toad!”

We do want to announce, after hours of discussion, the date for the 2014 periwinkle rescue has been set. AUG 2nd 2014 looks to be a historical event as periwinkles have already been spotted in the wild waters.  A rare siting of the recluse bird, The Anaranjado Caucho Pato, more commonly know as “Yellow Rubber Duck”, has been spotted floating in the beautiful turquoise aqua of the banks of the Santiam.  Prepare now for the event that just might change your life.